The 'INVITRO' tests results : 'Skin irritancy', 'Eye irritancy' & 'Toxicity'

• Kadesh has also applied for the 'INVITRO' tests for 'skin irritancy' and 'toxicity' of 'Puriton®' to Adamson Analytic Lab.

• The results show that 'Puriton®' is 100% safe and clean for the human body. 'Skin irritancy' test shows 'Non-irritant', and 'Occular eye irritancy' test shows 'Minimal irritant (>60 min)', while 'Toxicity' test tells its safety with 'Very mild to non-irritant' level.

• The above results mean that Kadesh could produce & release any OTC product with 'Puriton®' without any further examination or test. With these 3 'INVITRO' test, Kadesh could stand on the starting line for manufacturing or introducing the OTC products in US markets at any time.

Skin Irritancy Test

Puriton Skin irritancy test

Eye Irritancy Test

Puriton eye irritancy test

Invitro Toxicity Test

Puriton invitro toxicity test

Test articles are separated into four categories ranging from severe to minimal irritation.

Puriton® Invitro Test Result

Invitro Skin Irritancy: Non-irritant

Invitro Occular Eye Irritancy: Minimal Irritant (>60minutes)

Invitro Toxicity: Very mild to Non-irritant

  • Therefore, in all three tests, Puriton marked high safety levels.
  • These test results reflect Puriton’s viability to be produced as over-the-counter products with no necessity for further tests.